Fabio Bordi Mosaic Art Studio is a leading specialist in the ancient Roman craft of mosaic making.
Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand-cut marble, venetian enamels, gold and glass tesserae.
We select the finest marbles and precious stones and our tiles are cut with estreme care and precision. Our micro-mosaics can be made of tiles as small as a few millimiters! .

State of Art mosaic making techniques allow us to offer infinite mosaic designs through customization: you can choose a painting from your favorite artist, or pick a picture you love, and we can handcraft it into a unique mosaic for you.

Over the years we've worked on many mosaic art projects for customers all over the world.
We make both ancient and modern mosaic art work, micro-mosaics jewels, floor and wall mosaic decorations and home decor mosaics.
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Laboratorio fabio bordi mosaici artistici

Commissioned and custom mosaics

We make custom mosaics upon request for private clients, interior designers, architects, art galleries and public institutions. Our services include design consultancy, mosaic installation and restoration and site inspections.
Over the years we have build trustworthy and rewarding relationships with international clients and our products can be shipped to any destination in the world.

Mosaic Art for Sale

We're sharing some of our commissioned mosaic projects on our website to help you become familiar with our work. If you have a chance to visite Rome you can purchase our mosaics directly at our Studio, otherwise we are happy to ship it to you.

  • 2005Alessandro Lugari and Lorenzo Chilin Laboratory ArtandCraft and Embassy of Kazakistan

    Course of mosaic and stage at the Alessandro Lugari and Lorenzo Chilin Laboratory ArtandCraft in Rome. Collaboration at the restoration of the marble floor at the Embassy of Kazakistan in Rome. Realization of mosaic for private houses
  • 2006 Ecclesiastic Congregation and Archeological Site of Taranto

    Collaboration at the restoration of a parietal mosaic at Ecclesiastic Congregation in Rome. Collaboration at the restoration of floor mosaic coming from the Archeological site of Taranto, III° Century BC
  • 2007 Archeological Site in Rome, Basilc of Saint Anselmo and Epigraphs at the Pigneto District

    Restoration of floor mosaic coming from an Archeological site in Rome (III AC). Restoration of floor mosaic from the Basilc of Saint Anselmo in Rome (XIX AC). Restauration of the Epigraphs at the Pigneto district in Rome
  • 2008 Fori Imperiali, Villa Borghese Garden and Archeological Site in Lunghezza (Rome)

    Restoration of the floor mosaic of the Roman Senate at the archeological site Fori Imperiali in Rome. Restoration of marble manufact at the Villa Borghese Garden in Rome . Restoration of pavimental mosaic in an archeological site in Lunghezza (Rome) II century AC
  • 2009 Palazzo Massimo Museum and Villa D’Este in Tivoli

    Restoration of mosaics (II BC - IV AC) at the Palazzo Massimo Museum in Rome. Restoration of the Fountain of the Dolphins at Villa D’Este in Tivoli (Rome) XVI AC
  • 2010 / 2016 Laboratory in Rome at Via Panico 75

    Opening of my laboratory in Rome at Via di Panico 75. Organization of mosaic courses, Realization and restoration of floor and parietal mosaics for private commissions. Participation in personal and collective, Italian and international exhibition
  • 2016 Pictor Imaginarius of Nazzano

    Winner of VII international mosaic contest Pictor Imaginarius of Nazzano as professional



The opening hours of the laboratory in Rome at Via Panico 75

  • 1000 - 2000


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