Mosaic Works and Restorations for Ecclesiastical & Historic Buildings

Whether you are looking for the installation, restoration or conservation ouf your mosaic, Fabio Bordi Mosaic Art Studio Studio has an impressive list of ecclesiastical and historic mosaic commissions.
With many years experience and an excellent reputation for our Church mosaic floor restoration and other historically important buildings, we are able to assist with all types of mosaic decoration.
We are specialist in all types of mosaic conservation and restoration services: - Sympathetic conservation & restoration of fine original mosaics
- Full restoration works from derelict state to as new condition
- Including where necessary adjacent works, e.g. stonework, metal grills etc
- On-going condition monitoring with maintenance
- Professional mosaic cleaning service
We also offer new mosaic services:
- Reconstruction of ‘lost’ areas of mosaic
- Complete design & fabrication of new mosaic tiles
- Custom handmade mosaic tiles fabricated in our own workshop
- Bespoke mosaic installations
- Installation of clients own mosaic commissions and art works
mosaic restoration

Mosaic restoration lastest works

2006 - Restorations in the Ecclesiastical Congregation of the Protectionist Fathers, Via San Pio V in Rome and the archaeological site of Taranto
Collaboration in the restoration project of the floor mosaic of the congregation of the Protectionist Fathers in Via San Pio V of Rome. Collaboration in the restoration of a 3rd century BC floor mosaic in the Taranto archaeological site.
2007 - Archaeological site in Rome, Basilica of Sant Anselmo and Epigrafiat the Pigneto District
Collaboration in the restoration of a II century AD floor mosaic from a Roman archaeological site. Cleaning and restoration of the marble epigraphs of the Pigneto district in Rome. Restoration of the floor mosaic of the Basilica of Sant 'Anselmo all' Aventino in Rome and the mosaic floor of the library below.
2008 - Fori Imperiali, Villa Borghese and the archaeological site of Corcolle
Cleaning and restoration of the opus sectile floor of the Roman Senatorial Curia inside the Roman Forum. Restoration of marble artefacts from the Belvedere of Villa Borghese in Rome. Restoration of the floor mosaics of the 2nd century AD of the archaeological site of Corcolle (Rome).
2009 - Palazzo Massimo Museum and Villa D’Este in Tivoli
Restoration of mosaics (from II BC to IV AD) from the collection of the National Roman Museum of Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome. Restoration of the fountain of the Dolphins in Villa D’Este in Tivoli (Rome) from the 16th century AD.
2015 - Villa Borghese MuseumRestoration of the floor mosaic of the Gladiator inside Villa Borghese Museum in Rome.

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